Participated the first one black Malaysia Kopi O gathering in Klang.

About 20 concerned citizens joined the session at Oldtown white coffee, Port Klang on 15 Sept 2009










Press Statement by Member of Parliament Klang Charles Santiago in Klang on 13th May 2009

Academics, legal experts, rights activists, opposition politicians and the public have spent long hours zeroing in on every crease and crinkle of the political impasse in the northern state of Perak. Their verdict has been unanimous in calling for a fresh mandate in the silver state.

Either that or the back and forth political wrangling, which has now been brought to the courts, would continue to the detriment of the people and nation.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his UMNO-led coalition government must take a realistic look at the political mess in Perak and call for new state elections. Perakians must, once again, be given the opportunity to choose their government.

Furthermore, Najib cannot afford to add more scandals to his ever expanding list. Or the shock value of the last general election would be amplified at the next polls.

Let’s look at Najib’s brand of leadership:

1) a) he is intolerant towards alternative thinking and resistance;

2) b) he used the police to drag out speaker V Sivakumar at the May 7th illegal assembly sitting;

3) c) he ordered the police to arrest scores of people who had turned up outside the Perak Secretariat building to oppose the illegal assembly sitting;

4) d) he ordered the arrest of political scientist and activist Wong Chin Huat for calling on Malaysians to wear black to mark the death of democracy following May 7th.

Then he tries to gloss over his political highhandedness by conditionally releasing the detainees held under the Internal Security Act. This shift to diplomacy would not go anywhere as the people are not easily fooled.

Najib has to work really hard to win the confidence of the public. He could start with allowing for another election in Perak. It is certainly the right thing to do.

Instead, the premier’s recent announcement saying there would be no snap elections in Perak contradicts his rhetoric which seems poised to break new political ground.  But, increasingly his 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now slogan begins to sound nonsensical.

First we have the High Court deciding that Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin is the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak. But the very next day, the Court of Appeal grants a stay of execution on the High Court verdict, leaving the state government in a limbo.

But what does Najib, the premier who talks about unity, democracy, credibility and putting peoples’ interest above everything else, do? He passes the responsibility to the Perak Ruler saying it is his prerogative to call for fresh elections.

Najib must understand that UMNO can no longer cash in on its legacy of Malay rights, affirmative action policies and special privileges. The people are aware that these slogans now denote corruption, nepotism, and cronyism and only helped to line the wallets of the elite.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, fondly known as Mahatma Gandhi, is reported to have unleashed the most powerful instrument for gaining the trust of the people – leadership by example. In line with this Najib, who took over the leadership of the country amidst dwindling credibility, has to allow for another election in Perak.

But would he choose to lead by example? Or would he prefer to use the existing laws in the country to curb dissent and any other opposition to his rule?

This is a million dollar question that only Najib could answer.

Charles Santiago

Member of Parliament, Klang

Vice-Chairman Selangor DAP

016 626 7797

Author : Chen Shaua Fui

from facebook & with permission

Well, before I attended the 507 Perak State Assembly siiting, I thought I knew what to expect, for instance the motion to dismiss the Sepaker and appointing another new speaker, a possible deadlock situation or even a fight among the ADUN. I prepared myself for it, as you know life is full of surprises, or shocks (at least that was what I felt yesterday), things turn out quite unlike what I had expected.

I witnessed three to four plain cloth police dragged the Speaker A. Sivakumar from the chamber, as fast as a lightning, the only thing i can do is to watch him being dragged out, falling on the floor, and was helped by the plain cloth to stand up and dragged out again. I chased after them, a camera with me, but I was unable to take any picture of that incident. Untill he was out, and I was stopped by the police at the door, I called my office to tell them about the incident.

I’m shaking. Shocked.

And then the ADUN tried to guard the empty seat. The Speaker’s chair was brought down. The plain cloth starting to dragged the Pakatan ADUN out of the speaker seat area one by one. Pushing. Shouting. The flower pot smashed.

I felt that I can’t bear it anymore, and go to the corridor to do my “breath, Shauafui, breath” thing, that’s when I overheard that BN lawyer starting to bullshit with his buddy saying “why should they feel sad, we already got a Federal court order!”

I felt an impulse to respond to his claim and said:”that’s just an declaration!”

Then, he starting telling me to shut up, for I’m just a media who doesn’t know anything about law and he is THE LAWYER who should have the last say. I’m almost prepared to rest the case there, but he went further and said, “if you are not happy, you have other option, migrate to other country!”

I snapped at him at once:”Why should I? This is my country! I paid taxes just like you!”

He sneered at me and was dragged away by his buddy.

How many of us have heard that sarcastic “IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY, MIGRATE TO OTHER COUNTRY” statement by some arrogant Ignoramus? Why should I be grateful as if you give me the right to stay here and you can always take it away from me? You and I are on the same level, I born and live here as long as I could remember, just like you probably do, you are not ENTITLE to ask me to MIGRATE, you have no such rights.

WHY SHOULD I ? You and I might fight for a different cause and committed to it, but you shall not diminish my right to stay here. you have abso-f***ing-lutely no right to tell me that!

Sadly to say, this type of people is ‘helping’ the ruling party to rule the country and misused the law to justified what they are doing without thinking about the far-reaching implication. I always wonder if they could sleep well at night, but I think the answer will be yes, because they have money to buy sleeping pills and claim that their conscience is clear under broad light.

Well, at least for now, I feel I’m doing some construction work and get paid for it, and I can sleep well last night after a couple of snowy beer in Ipoh.

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Press Statement by Member of Parliament Klang Charles Santiago in Klang on 6th May 2009

I condemn the arrest of leading social activist and spokesperson for polls reform group Wong Chin Huat. He will be investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act.

Chin Huat was detained for writing articles on “1 Black Malaysia, Democracy First and Elections Now” campaign. The campaign urged Malaysians to wear black on May 7 as a sign of protest against the Perak power grab and BN state government.

His right to legal representation was denied. And his family and friends were kept in the dark of his whereabouts.

The right to dissent is a constitutional right. The arbitrary arrest of individuals who dissent and offer alternative views and perspectives shows that Najib is not sincere in initiating political reforms in the country. Also, it demonstrates that Najib will not tolerate challenge to his authority nor respect citizen’s fundamental right to expression.

I call upon Prime Minister to immediately release Wong Chin Huat, withdraw all charges against him and stop intimidating Malaysians.

As a show of support to Chin Huat, I urge all Malaysians to wear black on 7th May. Let’s send a message to Najib that Malaysians will not stand for intimidation of individuals who express differing views.

Charles Santiago

Member of Parliament, Klang

Vice Chairman of Selangor DAP

016 626 7797

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Press Statement by Member of Parliament Klang Charles Santiago in Klang on 5th May 2009

The Perak state assembly is set to reconvene for the first time after a political coup which saw the collapse of a democratically elected Pakatan Rakyat government.  The coup was crafted by none other than Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who is now banking on his 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now slogan to boost his popularity among the public.

The assembly sitting would also see a showdown between the Barisan Nasional government and Speaker V Sivakumar.

The proposed assembly is ludicrous as former Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s judicial review against Zambry Abd Kadir to determine the rightful chief minister is now before the Kuala Lumpur High Court which has fixed a three-day hearing from Monday to hear the application.

Making plans to proceed with the sitting one day after the completion of the hearing would send out wrong signals and instigate people to speculate on the independence of the judiciary.

In a sharp contrast, Najib’s call for unity and his pledge to do away with “government knows the best” mentality simply does not gel with what is staged to happen this Thursday. Zambry would go on to occupy the position of Menteri Besar which he never deserved as he was not chosen by the people.

May 7 would also mark a shift in Malaysia’s political and Parliamentary history as an illegal government would be made legal. We would have an illegal government grappling for legitimacy under the watch of Najib, the premier who crones about putting the interest of the rakyat first.

While Zambry might be happy to carry on his duties weighed down by the rusted baggage of the past, Malaysians are furious. If Najib is serious about his reform plans, he must call for fresh elections in Perak to give the people another chance to elect their government. Or we could conclude that Najib was merely paying lip service.

As it is the Prime Minister has to work extra hard to convince Malaysians to endorse his leadership. Adding flavour to the political drama is Najib’s uncomfortable past which includes screaming headlines in blogs and independent news portals  linking him to the murder of a Mongolian woman and allegations of corruption amounting to billions of dollars in kickbacks pocketed through the purchase of arms.

The state assembly sitting would add to the list of Najib’s scandals. The rakyat saw through the coup which was orchestrated to entrench Najib’s position before the UMNO General Assembly where he was made the country’s premier.

Since the beginning of the political manoeuvring by Barisan Nasional, Perakians had shown total support for the opposition leaders and Pakatan Rakyat government, braving baton-wielding riot policemen to show their anger in public.

The matter got worse as the Perak Ruler worked in cohorts with Najib and the ruling National Front Coalition government. Instead of dissolving the state assembly and paving the way for fresh elections, the Sultan allowed Barisan Nasional to form a new government.

While there were back and forth wrangling over the right of the people to question the Ruler, former Perlis mufti has indicated that the public could do so as Raja Azlan Shah is accountable to the Rakyat.

While the political high drama in Perak has posed an awkward problem for the Sultan, all is not lost. Azlan Shah should take heed of Sivakumar’s petition and postpone the state assembly until the position of the Menteri Besar is decided by the High Court.

As for Najib, we could only hope that the setback faced by the ruling coalition at the last general election would have prompted the strengthening of UMNO’s democracy. Najib would certainly fail to inspire much confidence in the electorate if he allows the Thursday sitting.

But the recent political developments have not been promising. Therefore, if the assembly is held, I would like to urge every Malaysian to wear black to mourn the death of democracy. Bloggers should also have their web page in black for one week to send a strong signal to the Najib-led government.

It is clear that the premier is striving at a long political career. But Thursday’s events could contribute to Najib’s short-lived romance.

Charles Santiago

Member of Parliament, Klang

016- 626- 7797























016- 626- 7797

Press Statement By Member of Parliament Klang Charles Santiago in Klang on 8th April 2009 

The opposition’s victory in two out of the three crucial by-elections is a severe blow to newly-minted Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Although the win does not gravely shift the balance of power, it was an unofficial referendum on Najib’s popularity. 

It is clear that the people have shunned Najib’s leadership. The results also show that the shift in political sentiments towards the opposition at the March 8 general election is very much grounded. 

There are many factors that contributed to the ruling National Front coalition government’s defeat. Topping the list is Najib’s alleged links to the sensational murder of Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaariibuu. While Najib has shrugged off these accusations as mere slander, there was never an independent inquiry commission to clear the premier’s name. 

Najib and his cronies have also been implicated in corruption scandals involving huge kickbacks amounting to billions of dollars from purchases of submarines when he was the Defense Minister. 

But most importantly the victory in Bukit Gantang is a direct rejection of Najib’s devious scheming tactics which resulted in the fall of a democratically-elected Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak. 

The voters have not been fooled by Najib’s promises to carry out wide-ranging government and social reforms. His hasty decisions to release 13 ISA detainees and list the ban on two opposition newspapers did not hold sway as the rakyat saw through Najib’s political gimmicks. 

Although Najib strategised and struggled to portray himself as a democratic and progressive leader, he committed a big blunder in the form of inviting former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to campaign for Barisan Nasional. 

While Malaysians see Najib as an integral part of former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s government and therefore incapable of initiating reforms, aligning himself with Mahathir further eroded his administration’s capability to be democratic. 

The poll results also clearly reflect that Barisan Nasional’s hardline racial language has not worked. Neither has their last-minute efforts to dish out goodies and cash to the electorate. 

The large swing in non-Malay votes to the opposition candidly demonstrates ruling UMNO’s inability to effectively engage the coalition’s component parties in consensual decision-making. 

This has been made even more apparent by MCA’s emergency meeting Wednesday to urge Najib to retain the second largest party’s quota of cabinet representation. 

Although Najib is expected to announce a sleeker, sophisticated cabinet to make good his reform promises, much more needs to be done by the premier whose credibility is sinking fast. 

His reform agenda must be spelt out clearly as the people are fed-up of being hoodwinked under the administration of the present regime. Najib must also set a time frame to carry out his reform plans, which must begin with a massive clean-up within UMNO. 

The opposition coalition, on the other hand, cannot rest on its laurels. Neither can we afford to be complacent after the by-election victories. The people want to see concrete changes under Pakatan Rakyat or we could also face declining support before the next general election. 


Charles Santiago

Member of Parliament Klang

Vice-Chairman of Selangor DAP
















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Source : Malaysiakini

Mar 9, 09 2:45pm The demands continue for fresh elections in Perak, with Klang parliamentarian Charles Santiago adding his plea for an end to the political impasse in the state.

ethnic relations upm fiasco 190706 charles santiago“The political high drama in Perak must end. I call upon the Ruler to call for a fresh mandate,” he said in a statement today.

Unless the people are allowed to choose their elected representatives and have a say in the appointment of a menteri besar, “the political bickering will continue”.

The crisis in Perak began unfolding early last month, with each week bringing new points of contention that have mutated into a series of lawsuits.

Both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional (BN) are seeking to exert control over the state, with each side holding 28 seats now. Three former Pakatan members have turned Independent, but have declared themselves to be “BN-friendly”.

perak state govt crisis state adun assemble under the rain tree 030309Last week, the legislative assembly held a special meeting under a raintree, when the Pakatan elected representatives found themselves locked out of the state secretariat building which houses the House.

Santiago claimed that the people of Perak have shown support for opposition leaders ever since the beginning of the political mayhem.

“Their wrath has been specifically directed at the Perak sultan for failing to dissolve the state assembly and paving the way for fresh elections,” he said.

“The sultan’s decision to allow BN to form a new governement shows total disrespect for the will of the people who had clearly elected a Pakatan government (in March last year).”

He said the state government needs to reorganise itself urgently to respond to economic problems arising from the global recession.

“Ruling politicians are preoccupied with power while Malaysians are frustrated by the growing possibility that the country will be hit by recession by the end of the year,” he said, adding that the government should work with everyone to protect the livelihood and quality of life of all Malaysians.

English version : Fresh Polls only Solution to Perak Political Impasse


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