March 2009

Congratulations! You’re part of CHANGE

As your Member of Parliament, I am preparing to take the constituency to a higher level of people-centred development. This will be achieved through an empowering vision for Klang. It is a vision that will make Klang a wonderful place to live in and to be associated with.

Much has been done  over the past ten months. But much more needs to be done.

The MP Klang Community Centre, established just, 8 months ago, provides a variety of services and support to the people of Klang. Whether you are a single mother in need of opportunities for improvement, or a vulnerable youth wanting entrepreneurial training, or a family facing economic distress that could make do with emergency food support and counselling, you are sure to find the MP Klang Community Centre immensely useful.

MP Klang Newsletter, our newsletter, which i’ve attached with this mail will tell you about all the various activities, issues and advocacies that we have been involved.

In addition, the MP Klang Community Centre also provides a whole host of other services like capacity building for women, organising budget consultation, forum on the economic and financial crisis and political issues, inter-faith dialogue, anti dengue and anti crime campaign including handling of IC/BC issues.

As you’d expect, the demand for our services has expanded, especially in the last two months, given the worsening economic situation in the country.

And, the MP Klang Community Centre could only meet those needs with the help from people like you. I am writing to invite you to support our efforts.

Help us out this year by giving a donation – any amount will be helpful – to MP Klang community Centre. We work very hard to serve the people of Klang.

For further enquiries, please contact me by phone at 016-6267797. You may also visit I thank you for your time and consideration, and hope to hear from you soon.

Kindly fax the reply slip to my office at 03-33243096 or 03-77827869

Yours in partnership of service,

Charles Santiago

P/S : Please consider a donation of RM100 or more, as it will go a long way in helping the MP Klang Community Centre. I hope i can count on you!

Download the reply-slip

Download mp-klang-newsletter

7 Responses to “Fund Raising”

  1. Siva Phimister Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for exposing the double standards practised with regards to Sri Lanka, Burma and Palestine.


    Siva Phimister
    Aberdeen, Scotland

  2. Siva Phimister Says:

    How can I help make a donation of $100?
    I am based in the UK?


  3. yap hwa Says:

    Dear Siva,

    You can download the reply slip at below weblink, either send a cheque to the address or via internet transfer. Thanks.

    Yap Hwa
    MP Klang Asst.

  4. steven Says:

    Thank you for the excellent NEWS which is the ONLY NEWS most of the SENIOR CITIZENS read now adays becos the Main Media is all RUBBISH but the GOVT MOUTH PIECE..

    On behalf of the SENIOR CITIZENS i wish to appeal for your kind consideration of EXTENDING FREE LIFE TIME on line subscription for SENIOR CITIZENS age above 60 and in RETURN we will PROMISE to give you our LIFETIME support to the OPPOSITION in all future ELECTIONS.

    Please acknowledge receipt.



    1. Anonymous Says:

      how u can help oku people?

  5. susan Says:

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